Yuri’s Brush with Magic

Picture 64yuris-brush-1-25By  Maureen Wartski
Juvenile Fiction
$9.95/ ages 9-13/ printed in the United States
ISBN 9780982454251

Featuring Japanese folktales told in a contemporary setting, Wartski’s adventure novel explores the complexity of family relationships and how generations-old misunderstandings can cause rifts that affect the children–and how to heal those rifts. Wartski skillfully blends multiple subplots with themes of renewal and transformation.

 Maureen at Book Signing
MAUREEN CRANE WARTSKI was an award-winning novelist who was born in Ashiya, Japan, in a house by the sea. As a child, she listened to stories and folk tales told by her aunts, and these folk tales as well as an early introduction to classical literature have influenced many of her young adult and middle-grade novels. She wrote many books for children and was a regular contributor to Boys’ Life. Her young adult novel A Boat to Nowhere won the distinguished Bank Street Award. She lived in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Editorial Reviews

“Filled with compelling characters, Japanese lore, and baby sea turtles, Yuri’s Brush with Magic will keep young readers and parents alike as enthralled as if Yuri were reading it aloud herself, for Maureen Wartski’s beautiful prose lingers in the mind long after the tale is done.” — Read North Carolina Novels, UNC Libraries
“Yuri’s Brush with Magic charms with Japanese legends and a paintbrush that seems to make its subjects come to life … Mother-daughter book clubs with girls aged 9 to 12 can talk about how miscommunication can lead to misunderstanding, the lessons taught in the old legends, friendship, and more. — Cindy Hudson, author of Book by Book
 Yuri’s Brush with Magic is a lovely and multi-dimensional story about family, hope,  [and] love. This book would be a good choice for an elementary school book report, or a children’s book club.” — Eden Manseau, Story Snoops
“Weaving Japanese folklore and contemporary detail into a thoughtful novel, Maureen Crane Wartski defly handles her themes of family, art and forgiveness…” — Jacqueline K. Ogburn, author, The Bake Shop Ghost
“Yuri’s Brush with Magic is a fun and thoughtful read, very highly recommended for young readers with an interest in Asian-influenced fiction.” — Midwest Book Review